Who Are We?

The answer is a little bit marginal and extreme. This question brings the concepts and questions listed below.
Who are we not?
Those who know us, know us. Those who know us can tell about us to those who don’t. Or those who don’t know us can learn about us from those who do.
Those who don’t know us might think about us like themselves.
Famous Elephant Story: There once were an elephant with 3 men whom have never seen an elephant before. These 3 men have their eyes blindfolded and the first one, who only touched the elephant’s feet, described the elephant as a feet. Second one, who only touched the elephant’s trunk, describes the elephant as a trunk only. And the last one, who only touched elephant’s tail, described the elephant as a tail.
People think with words. Words lead to concepts, and concepts make our personal world. We can only understand and give meaning the real world, as much as our personal worlds capacity.
For example, we are a virus, a virus that makes people “American fans”.
And our slogan is: “Are you one of those who we made American fan?”
Best answer to give to the “Who are we?” question is the answer of those who took their blindfold off to see the elephant, not the blindfolded ones give.

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